cats eye

cat jumped out at me, stared into my soul and that is how my story goes…

do any of us know
what we are doing?
i just sat there,
or i should say -i
am sitting here, typing
away from home

and the people walk
past the window
and i look out to wonder
focus my attention
when the cats eye
stares back at me -on my computer screen,

and i swear it winks, “Go for it!”, a small attempt to keep me focused

as i turn my head away. i need
no more of this prompting
too many projects to finish,
i barely keep my eyes open
and i am not winking
back -at you.

i am at st. clair street
between meridian and pennsylvania
and the windows are mirrors
reflecting back to me
a person to know
and she is only coming round today.


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