took a jaunt

To think just a few days ago I was reveling in the 60 degree weather of early March.  A sudden blast of cold has taken the spring bulbs by surprise and a few bugs that had hatched.  Nature can be so unfair, turn against the very being of herself.  Oh! she commits suicide at the twinkle of a star, with the turn of earth, a resurrection promise.  What folly!

I welcome the consideration, the mossy carpet I sat upon.  If you look closely and marvel at the intricate design that awaits underfoot, who knows what wisdom you will find.  The luxurious feel must be a welcome reprieve for some bird or critter scattering about the rocky terrain.  Yet, I never seem to have company pondering away hours under the oak tree that has stood here for a hundred years and the other who succumbed to age.

There exists another sign of spring a bit farther along.  A sole dandelion appears in the field.  Lonely as I.  Waiting for the bluebirds and bats to flit about the sky, eating unwanted bugs and bringing beauty to the eye.  Nature can certainly be marvelous.  What a treat I await knowing this cold snap is only for a while.




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