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Justice Served

Life brings tragedy so we can be advocates for the voiceless.  

People try to say suicide is the most cowardly act a man could ever commit. I don’t think that’s true at all. What’s cowardly is treating a man so badly that he wants to commit suicide.

—Tommy Tran, author “Forever and a Day”

So this is my life and it hits close to my heart. This is my daughter’s story, but I say “No more.” This momma has turned into an unhappy bear and you never want a bear angry with you.  

I have had always had a passion for the weak. I never thought what would push me forward is the unspeakable. I sat in a counselors office and had to say “My daughter wants to die.”

4 thoughts on “Justice Served

  1. If people want to commit suicide, they are always ill – or in a tortured position where the option to die is bearable, and the option to stay alive is not – which is also – ill. It is actually very difficult to kill yourself – or to try – knowing you leave behind loved ones who won’t understand why you felt that way – no matter what you tried to say.
    And it is torture itself if well-meaning Godly people think of it in terms of sin. That helps no one. And if there was a God – he/she/it would not be so unforgiving himself/herself/itself – or how could he/she or it call himself/herself/itself a loving God?

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    1. We are getting her help which is relief for her. Just the notion of people caring beyond her family has put her on a different trajectory. As far as sin it weighs heavy on my mind. Dying hurts no matter the cause. Like any sickness, emotional, physical or spiritual, there needs to be healing. I think if we can help, we should. The degree of suffering stands on a different plain. If someone does not want life support or resuscitation, we should honor their wishes. If they use a gun or other lethal option I am against it, but if privately they choose, I pray there is peace left behind. Life is hard. There are answers but difficult to work through. There does need to be guidelines for societies health.

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  2. Full power to you! Being a Mama Bear gives you the strength to see this through and come out with a GOOD happy ending. x x

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