In fear and trembling, destiny’s road perishes.
With courage, horizons come to light.

within the inner heart
the dark dirt
rich in humus
capable of birthing crimson petals
roots dug deep,
layered with decaying thoughts
and ill intent.

i struggle -war against myself.
i promised loved ones to fight on, assured them
I’d take courage as my trusted companion.

who retreats from such a place?
who is man?

searching to understand humanity -i seek strength,
flourished with rest. life is a push and a pull
the agony produced welcomes the visiting ecstasy.
the masterpiece finished, resting upon my back, i look upward.

do i glance a figure rising in the east? or do i imagine such a beast?

this unending battle
placated by resistance -thoughts.
why, why should i spend days
contemplating fellow man?
shan’t i go about my way in frivolity and vain?
what course is provided anyway?

this war
this war will never be won, no matter which way i turn.
the dark halls of history no longer inspire to do well by my neighbor
they only haunt the will to see clearly.

i watch
i watch you emerge from behind the mask,
i ask
i ask “How will i win this war?”

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