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What is this Scrivener you talk about? (a poem to follow)

via Daily Prompt: Prudent 

Sage advice and Scrivener go together because without knowledge one could never figure out that gargantuan word processing program.  Scrivener, the one to ease a writer’s world. Or maybe not.

So my Sunday morning prudence was met with a quick enrollment in Cameron’s Scrivener class at the Indiana Writer’s Center in Broad Ripple.  I sat with 10 other wanna-be authors yesterday afternoon and we plucked away at the buttons and gizmos that promise freedom and organization. Organization being the key word for me as I often paralyzingly gaze at the loose sheets of paper, Ipad scribbles and the WORD documents that clog up my computer’s performance.

Cameron taught us enough to take a stab at writing something, anything in the program.  Scrivener is not a magical machine but it is a cog in the wheel of a mind. I think it will prove to be a life saver and not a dead-beat friend.   (Pictures below are of the Writer/Art Center grounds.)

Everything colored

tainted by black
until courage to be
the yellow of sun
the blue of her eyes
valiant purple hearts.

everything colored
the fate of  life
prudent paths
the windows looked out
closed doors opened to trust.

these colored days -cherish
perched on the summit
go fly with the stars
listen –told stories
shared lovingly with us.

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