The Mix-up

How does a man with amazing talent go unnoticed?   Van Gogh is nothing but amazing.  It begs the question why so many rejected him during his life and his work denied success.  Unfortunately, he lives on as a champion after his death.

Once upon a time -hope
cloaked the heart
as blackness swooped the earth
he -caught in a whirlwind of spirits
raging war against the other.

His road
a lonely place to roam
spent as a restless friend
frenzied time -he left
he left the world a gift.

I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process. -VanGogh

Self-portrait 1887.

Whenever I visit the Art Institute of Chicago I am sure to be left standing speechless at Van Gogh’s self-portrait.  Hours dwindle away, lost in his swirls and colors.  It is nothing short of intoxication.  I have said this before and I will continue to say it, he would be one person in this world I would love to sit and have a conversation, as friends. Be well!

The Lonely Road

Isisip’s original score can be purchased for .99 cents on Itunes. (I have nothing to gain but enjoy supporting talented artists.  We do not know each other, other than a shared love of the arts.)

5 thoughts on “The Mix-up

    1. we seem to have a lot in common… poetry, thoughts, Van Gogh 🙂 it makes my time here so enjoyable and always love the cheer-me ups you leave behind. Be well and thank you. ❤

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