3 thoughts on “Just a few words more…

    1. I find a need to be blind or I would fear and lose courage. It is once I know that I freeze, unable too see. So my blindness in a sense not a sense but lack of awareness with a wee bit of curiosity. Make sense? Thanks for your comments. Like your blog posts they are thoughtful and bring you places.


      1. Yes – it’s just that my mother was blind – or partially sighted, but with so little sight that she almost may as well have been. Sight – to my mother – it was an absolute tragedy to her – personally – it caused her so many problems. I watch it in myself – wouldn’t want to pick up my mother’s way of it. But I see that for you, here it is a sort of metaphorical blindness – in a way a choosing not to see, or, as you say, you might freeze altogether.


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