Poetry in Paint

Is it not -the same
poetry -with words
the shape of each letter
-in sound
the same meaning found.

Or perhaps different -less
movement confined
my words a jail
to trap your senses in mine.
I wish to make you free -to fly.

Pond in the Woods, 1922, G. O’Keefe

2 thoughts on “Poetry in Paint

  1. Really like this, Jeanne – that ‘my words a jail/to trap your senses in mine’ – an ‘either/or’ – want to set free also. ‘either/or’ or ‘and/also ‘ – would like both – and maybe at the same time. And ‘the same meaning found’ but maybe not.

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    1. 😄that makes me happy. I suppose that is the purpose of expression -to bind and to free. A connection and a separation as we each take a new path in meaning. 💛🎶


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