Chester and Toby

“What greater gift than the love of a cat.”  ― Charles Dickens

A week ago we replaced our mouser with two brothers with a proven track record. They are turning out to be well, cats. Fun, but what a mess they made last night ripping apart the window screens.

Chester is the mischief maker. When outside in my garden he darts about chasing bees. He will soon learn they are off limits. Poor kitty paws! Hope to goodness he lays off them soon. The plus side of the equation is the culprits are carpenter bees so it may prove to our advantage he wants to sacrifice his health for our piece of mind as it could prove to be expensive fixing all the wood they chew through.

Chester, above, has a heart tattoo on his left shoulder. He looks much like his brother but has his own unique markings so it will be easy to know he is who he says he is.  I especially love his eyeliner.

This morning Toby, the other cat, gave me a kiss. Yes a kiss! Have you ever known a cat to kiss? Okay it was a lick but I took it as a sign He wanted to make up from his shenanigans last night.

Toby is a cuddler.  He loves to climb up on my shoulders. This morning was no different, my head his scratching post. Ouch!  He stopped soon enough to move on, my pony tail becoming a play thing.

Toby borrowed his brother’s eyeliner at birth and gifted with striking green eyes.  This morning he was the dominant one, chasing his brother in circles.  Chester ended up taking refuge in the willow tree.  I am sure they are thinking “Next time!”

So it looks like every morning they will need their dose of Jeanne.  They indicate by their morning meows a little attention from the queen is always a happy way to start their day.  So the adventure begins!

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