Morning rant on a sunny day. Pffft!

Gotta get it off my self.  My chest as some like to say.  These thoughts.  They say smile and the world smiles with you.  Well hell, why am I not smiling then?  And who are they anyhow?

Are you smiling? Perhaps I can find my smile too!

I am sure this rant will get longer in the future.  Like I said, “Gotta get if off myself. My chest and any other body part bogged down by the God forsaken world.”

Be well, J

9 thoughts on “Morning rant on a sunny day. Pffft!

    1. ?? I think I understand. Sometimes I just wish everyone was either happy or sad like me so it did not feel so lonely. Perhaps that is the gist of what I feel.


  1. There is the idea that the simple act (simple!) of smiling – does something physiological – I can’t remember that part, but the ‘physiological’ thing is supposed to put this idea into the realms of reality – and you’ll feel better (from just smiling).
    But – you don’t feel like smiling – why should you? To make everyone else feel okay. And then you (I’m talking about myself) get somewhere private, and you can let your face drop. What a relief! You can stop pretending for a while.
    Pretend and make everyone else feel better, or be who you are? I’d make everyone else feel better if ‘everyone else’ were children, or disadvantaged people. Otherwise, I wonder about it.

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    1. Joan, i suppose a heavy heart feels a need to hide because there is no balm available and most people do not know how to be around sadness. ?? Enjoyed reading your thoughts.


      1. ?? I want my thoughts to bring smiles but feel doomed to disparaging words which are not worth even a penny. I suppose that is me, ms.gloomy, and i should not want to be someone else but then again…

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      2. Nah… shine like sunshine when you want to….. yes we all have cloudy days…..but you can’t keep a good sun down for long. So wishing you a smile for now, for only when you have one, will you be able to pass it on 🙂 Take care!!!

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