Chester & Toby

Did i say i like cats a few weeks back? Cat lovers will want me to confess I do but will they demand loyalty even after reading Chester and Toby destroyed my writing room last night?  I took them to the vet yesterday to be fixed, to do my part in helping take care of the pet population boom in Hamilton County and the stress experienced by the Humane Society’s overabundance of feral cats and unwanted pets. Wanting to keep Chester & Toby safe, being drowsy from pain meds, I kept the doors shut to keep them inside.

I ask “This is how cats treat my love? Destruction?”

In time I might forgive them.  They have eight chances left. Or maybe their love is misunderstood.  If so, they express it in funny ways.  Is anger a sign of affection?

Done writing for the day as my computer keys are sticking and typing sporadic letters and other annoying computer glitches.  (April 25, 2017)

Here’s to a peaceful day.  J


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  1. Haha a chuckly post.
    and I bet some think there anger in let’s say, ‘protecting their significant other by beating up a man that was eyeing her up’ scenario, as love. Sad, but true somewhere in the world i’m sure!

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