Toby has revealed in recent days a different side of his character.  Two weeks ago he was too shy to be known.  My promise garden has Toby spreading out and putting Chester behind him.  Despite the Doberman and Pit Bull next door, Toby jumps the fence and slyly meanders through the neighbor’s grass.  Curiosity trumps safety in Toby’s mind.  Jimmy the Pit Bull looks out the kitchen window and rapidly barks.  Josh lets him loose.  Safety trumps curiosity. 

Home, Toby goads Chester into a round of chase.  Garden playtime involves an obstacle course through favorite evergreens, a weeping willow, hedges of lilacs and viburnums. Exhausted, Chester calls uncle and both land at my feet. “Did you see me?” Toby purrs. Chester sits in the corner. 

Toby make-ups.  Chester seemingly does not hold grudges witnessed by their sweet sleep. Is Chester dreaming of revenge?

Brothers through thick and thin. ❤️

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