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Found something new to do

Challenges are Fun!!  J.A. Allen, author, has a challenge on her blog starting May 14 and runs for six weeks.  Check it out. If you like. Break out. Take the plunge. Let your mind scribble…

I am an INFP writer working to fix my weaknesses.  (Is this a confession?)  I find the above information very helpful at the editing stage, which I only have begun.  I started editing because I have been told my words are too abstract and confounding which is what I like to read but others may not.  However we write I do think we attract those who enjoy our poetry or essays but I still like to make some sense.

Understanding personality and incorporating it with your Jung/Myers-Brigg score can provide useful insight to your writing style.  Here and here are tests if you desire to know your personality acronym then search your four letter description and writing style here. This link is for my particular personality, however Andrea J. Wenger, author, has links for everyone.  She also develops her characters from the personality types which is far more complicated for me than need be but I find it curious.  You?  Hope something here was helpful… Being helpful is what I love to be. 🙂 J


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