Chester (Lucy & Louie)

Over the past few weeks Toby and Chester have made themselves at home in my garden, now their playground.  Lucy and Louie have graciously accepted the “cat’s” presence and everyone respects each others space.  No one trespasses against another.

The gang hung out in my “promise gardens” yesterday enjoying the coming and goings.  Chester coyly saddled up beside me, purring as a token of his affection.  He felt comfortable enough to roll over for a belly rub.  He let me know when he had had enough, I put off by his rebuff.

Toby was awol for the day and towards evening crawled up to his brother.  They nuzzled long enough to know each intention.  I joined in; the sun burning, the smell of lilac intoxicating, the company peaceful.  A cat sleeping is almost an angel.

This writing life, J

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