H2O Haiku Workshop (part 2)

Seasons of Sharing:A Kasen Renku Collaboration

(Joyce was kind to share a copy of her book with me and to my daughter.)

I mentioned a Haiku workshop I took part in at Clifty Falls State Park a few days ago and will follow up with a few more words.

The moment I felt a true poet is not the day I took a class
but the day I looked into space and never wrote a word.

A Renku in the manner of Japanese poetry form goes like this:  three traditional lines of 5/7/5 syllables with two alternating lines of 7 syllables.  It is a collaborative poem written in season, such as it is today, late Spring.  To learn more about Renku, which is much more elaborate than what I mention can be found at these links The Renku and  Renku Composition.

Clifty Falls, Mother’s Day 2017

sky blue impregnates
a bird trill of broken glass
lucid Japanese

rise the cliffs of forest floor
bowl, stem and open foot path

shattered light fell fast
generations understood
walked these ancient paths

(The beginning of a solo renku, traditionally 36 total lines, written by Jeanne.)

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