For writing out loud…

I find sharing a dangerous thing
I slink back into my warring
it is this madness I fear
sneaks up behind
as a cat in the bushes
watching me descend into hell.

I only just realize
he relishes me
from afar I can feel his presence
and I turn
retract as he listens to my voice
a mouse in the grips of his mouth.


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  1. so good- i like the mouse caught visual.

    i find sharing to be scary. i try to be conscious now. ultimately i want my blog to b how i am out in life. the more of yourself we expose, the more ppl will be loving more of who we really are πŸ™‚

    • Lots of great points. My thoughts to yours: I am guilty on all accounts of hiding behind masks and acting out the parts, mixing people up so they really dont know who i am. Fear and trust both obstacles to overcome. Thanks for reading. πŸ’›

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