Give the world a minute…

Give the world a minute and there will be those who tell you what they think.  So i ask “What draws attention to the inconspicuous piece of gum stuck to the concrete sidewalk?”   

The world wonders and that is a great endeavor.  I notice your quick glance stretched into a long gaze brought on by my asking questions.  “Is that you thinking?  So speak up!” a long pause between us ensues.  

I hope you don’t mind my asking “What should be done to those who refuse to be civil?”  Should I be the one to step into your unkept business you can be sure nothing will be brought home with me.  I scrape my shoes of all this abuse.  Of course its more than just your gum that bothers me.  

Realizing you are better off not asking, our conversation is cut short.  And the world keeps spinning with problems unsolved.


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