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Marshall Indiana

I have driven past this house many times and incessantly thought I need a picture.  I did not stop to take this but snapped it with my phone as I drove by.  What interests me?  The sign that says “Stay Out”?  The curtainless windows that dare you to look inside despite the warning?

As i walk past the (homeless) man on the city street, i wonder is he wearing the same paint on his face as the abandoned house in Marshall?  They both donning a few remaining scrapes of lead paint since banned in 1970’s.  With regards to both house and man, i keep my distance.  I want to know more.  What keeps me from doing otherwise?

The thoughts don’t stop.  What child existed to dream behind the front door and where now?  What is the purpose of the back door, a passage to hidden rooms, guarded with a key to keep the secrets?  And how many winds were allowed to blow through the panes of glass to freshen the trapped stale living room air?  Are there dead lying there, propped in a chair?

What person have i banned from my life?  The windows to my mind closed and a sign erected “Stay Out!”  J💛

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