Who we are and why it matters.

Memoirs are an interesting genre.  I really love reading (auto)biographies and so memoirs intrigue as well.  We may think, who is really interested in our ordinary lives but I believe we all live an extraordinary existence in that our perspectives can and do impact those around us.

There is a story in our family that goes something like this (it can often change a bit but the general plot stays the same).  A great, great-grandmother befriended Black Hawk during the Black Hawk War.  He was wandering the area where she lived in a one-room dwelling, single as her husband had passed, taking care of her children.  She invited him in, starving and exhausted.  The complete story is written in her diary.

The exciting aspect of my family is the number of members who kept an account of their daily lives and the diligence to pass them along from generation to generation.  My lineage extends to the beginning of America during the American Revolution and then beyond to the shores of England, Ireland and Finland.  Perhaps more!

So you see, we are connected by a thin line of hopes and dreams and heart.

Happy writing, J 🙂

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