“Stop the car!!!!”  I really did not say it that way.  I was much more polite. Here is how it really happened.

“Ooooh! look at that quaint gas station.” I wearing a smile from ear to ear.  Sitting in the back seat (daughter sat up front) I quickly recited a silent prayer he would pull over.  My husband, always so gracious, let off the gas peddle, bringing his hands slight left, asked “Want me to stop?”


A spur-of-the moment road trip ensued Saturday morning, 7-1-2017.  I packed my camera, a road map (really a GPS but that just sounds unromantic) water and strangely we were off.

It was the perfect way to spend a leisure day, driving along the back roads, where 1300 S intersects with 150 E, on Indiana Hwy 18, a place where life once happened.

May the sound of freedom be heard around the world!  Happy Fourth of July!



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