A few days
simply not enough hours
our minds
whisked away by time.

Driftless Valley of Wisconsin 7/7-7/9/2017

This past weekend, three days and two nights, was spent at Trillium Farm in LaFarge WI just a short drive from DeSoto WI where I spent childhood summers frolicking in the meadows. It was magical then and even more magical now.  

Sheep meadow.

This momma sheep and lamb greeted me upon entering Hilltop House. The place feels like Mrs. Potter’s residence complete with Peter Rabbit hopping about the 80 acres.  

Vernon County Wisconsin

The trip was picture perfect. Even the weather!  I should mention I left kicking and screaming.  I regret not lying down and refusing to get up.  Luckily I’m still there in my mind and before I head home tomorrow I am living this tonight. 
Illinois State Beach

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