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Roots (endless conversations)

“Bet you dont know?” smirks a friend.

“No, i dont.”  A splendid confession I was proud to concede as honesty has always been a good friend.  The problem was doubt sunk in.  “What should i know?”

“I dont know.”  A pause ensues and confusion from both parties.  Together we pondered “What is there to know?”

From there we politely parted ways, perplexed as to what next to do with our respective lives. 


Do any of us really know our purpose?  I recall as a kid having a myriad of dreams. I wanted to be a teacher, lawyer, school counselor, dancer and even a missionary in the inner city for single moms and their kids. I am none of those. I am exactly the opposite in all regards but as I head into the second act I return to my roots. 

All dreams stem from seeds and what heart is fertile produces endless blossoms.

Illinois prairie restoration 7/7/2017

9 thoughts on “Roots (endless conversations)

  1. I noticed that youn gave me a ‘like’ to the entry *Best Shots ever’, but you did NOT go on to the main eentry behind the link (where you would have found 20 more just as good?)
    And I fail to understyand why people bypass this entry. Please tell me? Why did you?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Seenorway, I follow through my reader as they appear chronologically and have been absent from reading Word Press blogs and most likely will miss many from past days. I will only have enough time to read a few posts each morning as I am far away from home, in Santa Fe, at a writing (poetry) conference.

      In Santa Fe, the mornings greet you kindly with so many sights, sounds and words that I hope to make it a habit this week and jump on and see what everyone has posted as well as write. Have a lovely day. 🙂


      1. Yes, I can see that one, but the reason for posting ‘Best ever’ was the link leading to the original report? And you obviously didn’t open that link? Doesn’t links stay active through the reader?
        (That’s important)


      2. I only look at your pictures (did not realize you write in English as well) and move on but now that you mention a link I clicked and your pictures are beautiful. Beautiful country. J


      3. Goodie! See what you’re missing?! 🙂 But, Jeanne, this is no surprise to me. I’ve been blogging actively for more than 12 years and I do know for a fact that people seem to have a hard time opening a link – even if it’s obiously there for a reason. But I’m desperately trying to find out ‘why’.
        And knowing this I wrote that you’d find another 20 pictures just as nice behind the link, but even that didn’t help? And I can’t use dynamite! 🙂 Any advice?


    1. I 💛this comment. Inside every child is a seed and I hope every person, as they grow, gather seeds along the way for days less favorable. We do lose hope, faith, love. We can be left bereft and barren, questioning existence. I will need to see what you have written, being quite prolific of late. 😊💛

      (I hope by writing and sharing it sparks others to never give up despite adverse circumstances. We can be invisible and still leave a beautiful ripple on earth.)

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