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Roots (questions)

A feminist as Virginia Woolf?
I should say
my concern is not
as you think I should be
rather, I climb the hayloft to dream
passing cautiously
the tangled bull cow
desperate to be free.
A Room of One’s Own
she declares
I hardly agree
despite this venturous
solitude of heart
only room for words
fictive and unconventional.
So which am I?
I suppose
I garner to know
more than my acquaintence cares
each walking briskly -past
as an autumn leaf
we turn to be and become.

4 thoughts on “Roots (questions)

  1. Sorry. I thought you were talking about me there. You are talking about Virginia Woolf?
    I love Virginia Woolf.
    I must say I’d rather be in a room of my own than climbing into a dubious hayloft.
    I’d find the tangled bull cow worrying.


    1. I like Virginia W. too. On the surface she doesn’t readily appeal to me in “To the Lighthouse” or “The Voyage Out”. I often find I need a really quiet room with no chance of interruption before I can sink into the books. Looking forward to some free time to read “The Waves”. J


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