With in
and yet with out
we are seen.

The Chicago Art Institute is showing a special exhibit “Rodin: Sculptor and Storyteller”. The exhibit runs through March 4, 2018.

In preparation for my visit, I am reading Bernard Champigneulle’s Rodin. From the first page, the sculptor’s energy is embraced by the negative chisels we encounter. We are not formed by touch; as an endless spiral downward, weight drags us toward the perfect shape.

The incomplete hiddenness of reality is yet to be imagined and already motion is set in gear. I can choose to stop the evolution. Rebel the breath; forced to comply or face death.

I anticipate the adventure as I plan my visit. My heart pounds in my chest. My inclination is towards feeling the marble. Should I ignore the frowns that exist?

What is seen are obsolete days.

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