Just ignore me

Sometimes, well most of the time, I have projects filtering through my mind.  And most of the time, well some of the time, I write them out and post them on my blog. Should I? If I think long about that question, I hesitate and decide not to post. This is a good thing. I have long been impulsive. Anxious. Dreading myself. Second guessing if I am worth the ink I spill. And spill and spill and spill.

Yes. I become too introspective, too over-the-top dramatic. This post is a prime example of why I am sure others find me contagious. If the sun is shining, most the time you will find me crying in my coffee. My cup neither empty or full. Fate in life, for me, is a cup in my hand waiting to spill. With paper stained, I dread the peering eyes. I really never like the words I have written. My foot tapping. I just want to dance.

3 thoughts on “Just ignore me

  1. Hey 👋 there, on the opposite side 🙂 I think it’s totally fine to post whatever u feel to post, I never hesitate. Just posting it – and moving on. Even if there’s a thousand mistakes..I’m still “okay, so what? but Uve got the idea..” 🙂 and that’s the most important

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    1. 😊 Good advice. Positive thoughts are not my clarity. Although I hear you loud and clear. Thanks for taking the time. To be positive. And I still post. 😂 🤔😎 Just when i think i will leave… Glad to see your post in the feed. 🙂👍🏼

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      1. Oh, I’m probably too positive. Got back to spread my positive power here around :))
        Btw u can always leave & then start again like nothing happened.. but I think we prefer when u r here, curiously crossing the borderline:)

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