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Space Odyssey

We all find our way, not by tracking footsteps, but by way of the unknown, forging a trail of adventure.

True, we need guidance and support. No astronaut would likely enter a spaceship alone. We need others, whether we like it or not. The key to success is learning to get along with each other.

This dilemma of getting along circles back to a personal worldview. The questions and answers. Or lack thereof, hound us. There are answers. I am certain of this one thing. However, people are unlikely to grasp truth sitting in their own space. So reach out. Interact. Risk your heart for a piece of another’s heart.

I know. I know. Easier said than done. I literally am sitting here right now, shaking as a ripe fig, waiting to drop. And drop I will, with trembling, I am blasting off into my greatest fear. I had best be ready!!

Ready or not, here I go! J🌏🌻

3 thoughts on “Space Odyssey

  1. This is a genius idea that you propose. The benefits of reaching out to others can only be known when one actually practices that wisdom. Yet it requires much wisdom to achieve this goal you describe. I find that its the best way to cultivate oneself and that leads to maturation and pap! The ripe twig (or fruit) falls.

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