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Two or three are gathered

In fear and trembling, destiny’s road perishes.
With courage, horizons become light.

This is how I started my thinking in the New Year 2017.  Fight!  Push through this colossal dilemma and latch onto what got you here in the first place.  Birth.  Birth something new into your being.  And with this strength, I set out on 2017’s road with a new hope.

By no means is this journey easy.  Most days, it is incomprehensible that I sit here at my writing desk.  Seldom am I truly sitting here alone.  I have trusted myself into capable hands, caring people who have seen me through obsidian days.  Cheerleaders for my soul.  I have buried myself on occasion, unearthed words from rubble, in order to bring comfort through turmoil and rage.  I have flown skyward, netting star light, to pocket for future days.

So?  If?  When?  Three questions that will never leave me.  I have finished my schooling.  I woke up this morning with no paper due dates.  I heard myself chuckle.  When was the last time I laughed so gaily?  For certain, it has been a while.  If I find myself low, will I recall this moment?  A tinkling in the cosmic dust of life.  And so, I travel on with hopes and new adventures await…

Do not fear the mistake, fear the absence of courage.  Healthy fear grows into strength.  Fear and courage, two strands, binds a marriage in your head. With humility, three,  their dancing commands attention.   See you soon.  Happy writing, Jeanne Elizabeth

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