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I quote as if I know,
claim her strength -my ego varnished
as i fall off my master’s shelf.

Ego is as ego was
and ego is no more.
I fail to see what lie ahead
someone settles the score.

Unfairly treated -confined to being
each of us guilty
the fate of insecurity.

For who’s safety
do we cut our hair
thoughts sheltered beneath coverings
seek to tear us bare.

Do hold the babe
serene -complacent
Mother’s shadow to outgrow.

Days change, a wind,
obedience to self
guidance as belief
what sorrow exists in grief.

When time brings favor,
the ripening of fruit,
we are allowed to pick the juiciest.

George Bernard Shaw, like Shakespeare, Mark Twain and Leonard Cohen, were fascinated by Joan of Arc. As much is knowable in the veil of unknowable, her short hair and pants, what were they to hide? Ego security to forge ahead as God’s voice…aghast!


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