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    1. Agreed! Most definitely not what one wants, ravaging fires, to create such color phenomenon. I was ecstatic at first, the hues so intriguing, until later in the evening, when on the news, they explained what was going on in the sky. So tragic… 😔

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    1. I hesitated to post them. They have been sitting in my drafts… 😪 but I do like the colors. The conditions lasted about a week. Haven’t noticed anything unusual with the Skirball fires and smoke.


      1. Well I know they have a major impact on our lives and actually can be deadly, but they do say that they are a natural way of clearing and regenerating woodland, and more so the wilderness. I guess it comes down to it being a fight between us and the wilderness… we’ll probably lose out on occasions.
        I had a fire here in my orchard last Spring, it has been so dry in southern Spain this year and lost, no lives, but four very old olive trees. It’s a pain… but I think a part of life, nature, etc..

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      2. Often these tragedies could be avoided. The forests are not managed well enough. And arsonists, well what a terrible way to live out life. Destruction makes no sense. In this instance, it is difficult to find grace.

        I love the olive tree. I had a dream once. Of an olive tree. It was pitch black, but the green leaves shone, and the bark full of wisdom. I will never forget the impact that vision had on me. I still ponder the meaning…

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      3. true
        the wilderness isn’t managed but the forest can be
        I have an olive that’s centuries old… it’s trunk twists and turns and survives whatever is thrown at it. The other olives were burnt by a careless person who wanted a BBQ there!
        Otherwise it’s a true survivor and to dream of it would certainly mean that whatever is to come… there are no worries!

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  1. Oh wow that really is miles away. Hate to think what it was like closer. We were in Lakw Tahoe a couple of years ago when there were fires around Yosemite, and the smoke was just dreadful.

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  2. Wonderful shots……..do not like though the cause of the colours. Do hope you were not affected any more by the wildfires.

    And a big thank you for joining in the #SquareSky challenge.

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    1. Hi Becky. Incredibly, I live outside Indianapolis, Indiana. Far, far away and initially did not realize why the sky looked so strange! The sun appeared a limited time, as those were taken with my phone. I went inside to get my Nikon, to find the clouds had taken over. J


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