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manic depression

gimme crosstown traffic blues

going nowhere, fast

A friend invited me to share my life in b&w on Facebook. I actually had fun and when I get around to it, I would like to do this more. When I have time.

You? Have you ever looked at your life in a new way? (No one harmed. No license plates viewable. πŸ™ˆπŸ˜)

5 thoughts on “traffic

  1. yes I’ve been challenged with the b&w photos… lack of time, inclination, and the aspiration to find a great shot means I took the mundane, ordinary, and simple parts of my life. You know I liked them more than the photos I see of purple, orange, violet and magenta sunsets!

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    1. Yeah!! I wonder if its the attention away from color, and towards the shape and contrast that excites? You notice things based on a new perspective. Funny how we want to change b&w into color and vice versa. ?

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      1. yes it changes a lot… I used to make image presentations to clients and it would be interesting to play with colour and b&w. Though I have to say I’m not a big fan of the mobile cameras and apps that play with sepia prints, etc., etc.!

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