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Don’t give me your

bullshit answers… Bitch!

Ill be me

You be you -hide

hidden beneath your past

afraid to make a change.

My heart won’t bleed;

your momma saw you -on tv

the baby you swear, is not yours.

And you dock at my harbor,

i unpack my thoughts

let yours flow.

Explain to me why im hurting

hold your scisscors close to your neck, -threaten

my sanity. You scream

“Your fault. Bitch! Your fault.”

you drown while swimming in your ignorance


I’m swimming too, in your pool of blood

lost, but oh so found! I’m no star

barely close to the moon

its dark tonight -you know

your the one who told the story.

My heart won’t bleed.

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    1. Sorry! Coast is clear. Am writing from memories, taking many of the stories of kids I have come in contact with the past six years. Have learned to β˜”οΈ carry my umbrella where ever I go. Proverbial β˜”οΈπŸ’§πŸ’¦πŸŽ­…

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