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So many onions in the world these days. –Grocery store blues

Tears seen. Burn through my heart. Enough tears. I will put down the knife.

Finding solutions are easy when we never create problems to begin with. And when we harvest thoughts, root them out, be prepared to cry. The world keeps spinning and who can stop it, to get off? Put down the knife, I tell myself.

I put down the onion too.

8 thoughts on “Onions

    1. Hi! Just learned of the shallots mellow flavor. And i grow my own garlic. Yes! the reds and whites and yellows. Vidalia Sweet.

      Have you ever tried garlic scapes? Harvested in the spring, before the garlic is ready to harvest, it is delicious. Roasted or made into pesto…divine! A loaf of french bread, a really good olive oil and garlic!! Yum 😋!! You made me hungry…

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      1. well the Spanish village on the way to work, Aceuchal, is the village of garlic. Often the smell of it drifts across the road as I drive through… and I love it. They process millions of kilos of it every year! Unfortunately they cut the beautiful flowers and scapes from them in the Spring to intensify the garlic for the late summer harvest, but I’ll have to find a recipe for scapes as I have some land where I can plant it.
        just to say my blog is a little basic at the moment but will be redone in the New Year and I’ll probably post the story of Aceuchal’s garlic, which is written and photo-ed, soon after.

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      2. 😍 i will tune in!! I make my pesto, just like basil pesto. With one change, swapping out scapes for basil. Oh! And I tend to use walnuts or almonds, pine nuts often too $$. Wow!! I would love that drive. Love, love garlic!! So many varieties…. ❤️🎶

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