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Santa Fe Doors

No where else in America do i feel so alive as in a Santa Fe Adobe… inside or outside the doors.

ancient passages

saint’s blue sky of artifacts

rune of by-gone days


deep purple shadows

dusty earth inspired stones

Pueblo sands friendship


electric orange sky

death exists in dust remains

vibrant turquoise stories


earth’s ancient colors

umber, ochre, copper, gold

smoky winds retold

2 thoughts on “Santa Fe Doors

  1. I stayed in the Twenty Nine Palms Inn once, a collection of adobe buildings and cabins, next to an ancient Indian burial ground. The trip was amazing but those couple of days have stayed with me for their tranquility and bond with nature… certainly adobe is material of the land where we are – no better sense than to build with it!

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    1. Sounds nice. I try to go every year now that i have experienced it twice. Hopefully i will be able to in 2018. Something shifts inside, looking up into the New Mexico blue sky. Life is different, enchanting. Mystical. Everything expressed is me. And most certainly you, as you expressed. Nothing quite like being there in the desert blossoms and visions…

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