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Moving is on my mind in 2018…

The world was moving…

Instead of solely relying on myself to get through this upcoming upheaval, i have put on a search for moving inspiration. Click on the above link, the first of many i plan to post, of another talented WordPress blogger. Hint: this link contains a rather unique photo of an autumn leaf.


moving along with the rhythm

we attempt to control the volume
you turn it up

and let the river flow
carry flesh to the ocean -brave

save a lost soul?     -jeanne

(Wrote this before I left to be a beach bum for a week. I will be sitting on sand in six hours, not caring a bit about anything but me, enjoying the waves…

I still love you and will meet-up in 2018! 🕊 And because time flies and a new year is right around the corner, be sure to enjoy today and tomorrow too!!)

🎄❤️Merry Christmas to you and yours!! ❤️🎄

(Day One of White Sands)

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