2017’s purpose

Another year approaches.
Another year departs.

This will be a monumental year for me.  I will finally graduate with my Bachelor’s in Social Work (12/16/2017).  I was officially sworn in, 12/11/2016, by Judge Johnson as a Child Advocate for the juvenile court system of Indianapolis and I look forward to meeting the child I will represent.  I had privilege to sit in court one day to hear cases and it was absolutely an experience.  My husband’s biggest worry is the toll it takes, bearing witness to the impoverished mind.  I have compassion for these people, they have lost their way.

I wonder who are the cruelest of people?  We sit in judgment not to cast doubt on their ability to parent but rather to correct wrong behavior and yet they continually fail to understand.  They give up their rights out of weariness.  I hope I can be a champion for one child, bring a voice to the mute.  I pray lives are mended and forgiveness a balm to broken hearts.  I pray for wisdom as I listen to the story of one child, one family in a sea of others.

Every face tells a story and how often we fail to read the truth.