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Regarding Beauty

Please click to read Sigrun’s “Regarding Beauty” Sub Rosa’s quiet and contemplative blog that never disappoints.

Her post is in regards to Andrew Wyeth. Mr. Wyeth was an American artist, who happened to vacation on Monhegan Island, Maine with his son Jamie Wyeth, also quite a remarkable artist.

Yes, my Monhegan that I hold so dear to my heart and mind!! This is how I was introduced to Andrew Wyeth’s art work. Exploring and learning about this magical place of many storied artists.

May 2016

The United States Post Office recently issued postage stamps, in 2017, to commemorate his skill in painting that demonstrates a sheer witness to spelled-out emotions, with quite an obvious definition.

beauty often cracks the surface of happiness and leaves a depth open to more, than had beauty not succumbed to let us know it had arrived. 

This is how i experience Andrew Wyeth’s paintings. I feel the breeze breech my soul, witness the longing of a girl far from home, and welcome the sunshine through a clear pane of glass. Mr. Wyeth moves us to feel life without knowing what tomorrow brings. He always brought with him mindfulness on his brush.

I purchased the stamps with the purpose of enjoying his art work. They remain intact on my desk, waiting for an opportune time to write a beloved friend.

What friend exists to warrant a stop in my day,
to comprehend the comings and goings of shadow
a written note to alert
the wings of a dove descend.

Bird in the House, Andrew Wyeth June 6, 1980

Wake, Jamie Wyeth

4 thoughts on “Regarding Beauty

    1. My pleasure… you stir the beauty inside people. I need to read you more often, to center myself. I easily get off into tangents… some good, some bad.


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