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you feel all too familiar.

i watch the faces -past

a shattered mirror i glance

and all the screams come echoing back

were they your words or mine -unsure

i boldly go where no man settles

in hearts of gold at every turn

find myself

running faster than daddy told me

as i pass i hear the echoes

in a forest -taller

as i search rocks and leaves

only the messages have vanished

my only relief, a pocket of rocks

as i swallow harder

drink deeper

let the air rise higher

form clouds for the dry soul of their lives.


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    • Its funny i get the most compliments on the stuff i spend the least time on…2 minutes literally. i need to learn to channel this inner dimension more often. So many distractions get me off course!!

      By the way, thank you for saying so. Always J๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ•Š

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