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Breakfast Visit

1/28/2018 9:28am Breakfast Visit

contemplate the day

listen! cardinal’s wise counsel

grateful, feathered friend

What luck! Or is it fate? My garden has been vacant and overgrown; absent of all song. Behold! answered prayers this morning. Was this what i have been hoping all along? A visit from wise counsel, dressed in feathered cloak?

I pour another cup, relish the peace he brings. I dream as he spreads his wings. “Leave a feather for me?” my only song. I will need to journey out and see…

13 thoughts on “Breakfast Visit

      1. Dont feel bad. πŸ€— If you just put β€œj” all is good. I never make a big deal of it… just didnt know if you noticed or not. πŸ§‘πŸ•Š

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      2. I do hope you know i am not offended at all… and it is that auto correct, i am sure. I type all my stuff on my phone, unless i want to format something special… and all too often there are numerous typos. I hope you continue to comment. Your contribution means a lot!!

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