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Thinking out Loud

Thinking out loud is a lot like laughing out loud, only more serious. So what brings this carefree girl (cough, choke) to thinking?

Lots of things are askew. My relationships. My inner world. The outside view. Moving in a few months. Packing. Purging. Need anything? It’s free.

In my dreams I am carefree, like the lark, who has not a care in the world but to sing, morning to night. In flight!

To satisfy a need, i imagine i am reborn, a rare white lark to be certain. Unknown, but seen. Because in my estimation color means nothing but pain. Oh! except orange. Think cheer meets abuse and life is well again, orange. Such as this outfoxed fox. Resting from the chaos he encounters in the world.

Will a chuckle erupt from this foxes dream?

Most things we need to be most fully alive never come in busyness. They grow in rest.

Mark Buchanan, The Holy Wild: Trusting in the Character of God

This. In my Facebook feed, yesterday, drummed up all these thoughts out loud. It is a love and hate relationship with Facebook that keeps me both tied to and loosed towards the world. With not much resolve, it magnetically pulls me in, again and again.

I was wiser as a child then as an adult. “Too damn busy,” i say!!!! I have always known rest is the process that breathes insight into the soul. My soul is orange and orbits… but the child in me waits.

I realize how many hurt people exist. As a child i never knew the pain so many carry daily. How can i look the other way? My heart just leaps out of my body! I can’t turn away. Not until i make one person smile. Every day.

The key then becomes balance. Self-care. Healing and loving ourselves as much as others. πŸ§‘πŸ•Š

Honestly, i wish i could turn this brain off. Some day. Until then, i will get back to thinking…

6 thoughts on “Thinking out Loud

  1. Well if we ever stop thinking then we would not be able to write, right? I understand that feeling towards Facebook — again, another “must” for a blogger πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„

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  2. Preach… This is a topic… I hit on a lot as well… starting to think it is the writers curse… I believe a good with the bad… bad with the good… in everything… love being a writer… but if only I could shut it down for a day could I appreciate it… in the end… we just have to be who we are and accept it for what it is… writer kryptonite, accepting anything for what it is… we can make it better… we have the power to change anything to fit our narrative… : )

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