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As March 1 draws near, emotions bubble to the top. Mostly anger. Then guilt. I rotate through the grief process every year. Denial passed over. The event all too familiar and real.

I think. I thought.

Shouldn’t i be well
by now

the pain of missing you
not seeing your smile
hearing the loving words
from your mouth -voices

ridicule my rest from the tragedy
climbing down the mountain
i scream, it should have been me!

What a mistake
to be happy
back up the mountain
year after year. Again and again.
Realizing in a year
the steep decline,
a familiar path,
has no net.

But you felt better,
decided to join society,
well meaning people chime. Again and again.
Who can understand this pain?

13 thoughts on “Suicide

      1. Indeed. Therefore, I am glad you are also breaking the taboo and share your story. It will help other to feel not alone πŸ˜‰


    1. And strangely, i have wanted to die since 3rd grade. If you ever want, please email me.

      I am always available. Always. My brother was more worried about me that i never realized he was struggling behind his smile. πŸ˜₯πŸ’”

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