Borderline Crossing – Truly Inspired #18

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“It is time to emerge from behind the computer screen a little bit more. When I allow confidence to guide me, I learn to take the creative self seriously. Maybe then my audience will too.” 


A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!

11cm3kTruly Inspired Series

Monhegan Island ME1

Places of True Inspiration for me 1 :  American Southwest

1] Blog Name

I actually have three blogs. My main blog is BORDERLINE CROSSING, a behind-the-scenes look at the clock ticking.

In 2017 I fully embraced “me”, etching “my” name in concrete, having gone through nine years of evolution. BORDERLINE CROSSING represents my journey into myself. I spend 99% of my blogging time there.

My other blogs are strictly poetry driven without much of my personality breaking through. Eventually I envision MY NOTEBOOK and WAYWARD BE as chapbooks. I contemplate doing this in between moving, developing a career after being a mom for 28 years, and working on my mental health. My mind is currently sending out busy signals, as I am creating new stuff for BORDERLINE CROSSING, and recently joining Instagram. So whether the chapbooks happen, remains to be seen.

2] Genre/Blog Style

My blogs…

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