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The fear of sharing my writing (reblog)

Don’t know who you are but I hear a heart beat faster than my own.

Someone read my mind and wrote down the words. I recognize the spellings. Perhaps off a vowel or two. Maybe i am missing some consonants. But i am ready to embrace the “me” who was afraid of their shadow.

If i kept half what i think to myself, i would drive myself back to sickness. I am. I was. I always will be a cyclone. A storm brewing is never calm but always refreshing because who doesn’t like the smell of rain when the sun warms the soul?

Bring the sun in and let your face shine. Some one will find us beautiful!!

Revolutionary Musings

When it comes to writing, I am trying to be less fearful about sharing what i’ve written. Sometimes I don’t want to upset people with an unpleasant past or offend them or turn them off, driving them away; thinking I’m a weirdo. I think I am at a point where other people’s opinions stop being important. Its about using writing to come to terms with the past and possibly help someone else, a creative outlet for the things I can’t say out loud. It’s a journey and a gift as well. So what I’m saying is that if you like my writing, great. If you don’t then that’s fine too. All that matters is that I am proud of my writing and the things I have posted so far. I will continue to write regardless of the positive or negative ( silent) reaction I may face, including this post

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