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i waited for you
on the corner of 1st and york
where the homeless sleep
on concrete beds

i slept there too
waiting for me

to open my eyes
realize your love
was real
buried in disguise.

6 thoughts on “outcast

      1. You sound great!! Majestic is a beautiful word.

        I am feeling peaceful today. Digging for a sense of place. Sacred space all alone. But not lonely. Thank you for being someone in that place. For bringing deep. Helping me refine my vision of what life is. πŸ•ŠπŸ’™

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      2. Indeed, I feel great. I am thankful for the sorrow for the emotional agony.

        I am so happy you feel peaceful. About digging for a sense of place, I know what you mean, full well. Being alone and not feel lonely, I know that as well. And about me helping you, I am happy I can do something for somebody, but remember we are all here to help each other. Stay awesome and remember, be alone, but know that you can never be lonely for you have us, all of us.

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      3. πŸ˜‚ i laugh as that is exactly what my therapist says… but understand. Feelings are powerful. They wreak havoc on our mind. We push people aside because we often do not understand another’s needs. So glad to be learning about myself as much as about men. I wrote a post, never posted, but will some day. It needs to be just right. Very few of my posts have seen such scrutiny. I was afraid of men growing up. My grandfather was scary. My dad was scary. It was my brother who i trusted. We shared but not really. I kept too much to myself. We never really talked. I liked having him near but never let him know what i was thinking, feeling, experiencing. He could have helped, if only. If only i had talked. Now i talk and he is gone. Everyone i encounter has a piece of John. πŸ’™πŸ•Š

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