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The philosopher mouse always a mouthful, mind full of knowledge and ancedotes!!! Do indulge…

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Move over, and 23andMe.

Tongues constantly flap boasting of superiority, but teeth actually grind out the tale. Over the long term – like millions of years.

wisdom tooth xray. (PD, released by Pidalka44/ Misdirected wisdom. (PD/

Remember in college trying to decide whether to study dentistry, CSI, or archeology? Some managed to do them all.

Teeth, it turns out, are what speak to specialized archeologists/anthropologists about human development, ancient human migrations, and genetic connections between people today.

Shara Bailey, Associate Professor of Anthropology at New York University, is one of those sleuths poking around ancient mouths searching for answers.

Do the number of lumpy bumps on your molars hold clues to your genetic family group?

Feel deep ridges behind your front teeth? Possibly Native American ancestors.

Count it up: trees and teeth have something in common: growth rings.

6 min video “The topography of teeth” (SciTech Now)

One interesting observation by Bailey: There were no Neanderthal…

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