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Plath and Hughes

Rodin The Eternal Spring Kiss photo @ Chicago Institute of Art 2/2018

I know about Plath
nothing hidden from view
splayed like chicken bar-b-q

What about Hughes?
desirious infatuation -too easy
burying his discrepancies

my own heart boiling
caught in the mix
the list quite long

Jung and Spielrein
Claudel and Rodin
medicine for seeking souls

bleeding love
lost in letters -kept
and i wonder

what caught us up
in this mix of desire…
when i offered my hand.

12 thoughts on “Plath and Hughes

    1. Indeed. I am reading Hughes, Poetry Is, 1970, found at Indy Reads. Eternally mesmerized by those three couples… such drama! Easily caught up in it. There was passion so thick, so tempting to wonder their relationship.

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