A Face in the Crowd

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These boys turned camera shy…

A recent trip to Chicago brought final death to my dslr camera. I fell first in Boston in October 2017 and ruined my zoom lens and then fell near Chicago’s Oriental Theatre… oh my face in the crowd! That was the final blow to the camera body. Possibly mine. I finally figured out it was the boots and since have thrown them into the garbage. They cost me much.

My 10 years of photography is possibly over. Undecided if i will buy a new camera since i use my iphone more often for pictures. The iphone has advantages like less bulk and no changing lenses. While limited in many ways, especially zoom.

In the end, discovering paint means i may do less photography. Transition produces many emotions. Am i ready for this?

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  1. How sad.. Possibly you could find a replacement camera on Ebay.. or sell your broken camera there for parts.. There are talented people that repair almost anything and buy them..
    I would have returned the boots.. you already got a bruise on your bum.. now it’s on your wallet 🙂

  2. I think you should get another one again. You have been doing it for 10 long years, that surely wasn’t the best way to say goodbye. I’m sure you’ll end up buying one very soon. 🙂

    • I did love my dslr… not sure it loved me. My fault though. Honestly, it hurts not to have it but i am moving on…. until the next time i see a bird or cool building while riding in the car passenger seat. 🤕 maybe i will break down and buy a new camera. Not yet. May get through without one.

  3. I hope you buy yourself another camera. I too use the iphone, a lot, but it can’t do many things. I really want a nice big optical zoom. I would also have a check up, if I were you. Falls are non-trivial events.

  4. I rarely use my dslr anymore but wasn’t happy with just my i phone so I bought a compact system camera and I love it.
    Cool photo by the way, very real!

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