6 thoughts on “born again

    1. ✌🏼lou! Never drank as a kid… watch out now! 😎 i suppose i am living in reverse… will check out your posts as they never show in my reader. It says i am following you. ??? Probably miss the posts.

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      1. haha never too late to start. and cool. i have the same problem sometimes. might just be the app


    1. 💔i am sure you are too smart to be outwitted again!! 👍🏼✌🏼 how are you adjusting to the Olympics being over? And may peace come to North Korea!! ⛄️ Korea is a beautiful country.

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      1. Korea is a beautiful country. It is good to see any sort of relationship happening between the NK & SK. The Olympics only affected our guest numbers, we didn’t see any action in Jeju, not enough snow here, it is a much warmer climate where i live to Gangwon-do, a province in the northeast. i hardly noticed the games, not really my thing.

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