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Fickle (outlines)

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: (out)Lines

A month ago -snow
82 Fahrenheit
and the complaints
come full circle.

You ask…

better to stay within
the lines
be defined
by boundaries -knowing
what tomorrow brings

or do you dare
venture beyond
the scope of man’s imagination
tormented by inconsistencies
and drama?

The future is not for the faint. Hearts face eye-to-eye. Don’t blink
if you want to survive.

Instead of watching the news
she ran away
burned the newspaper clippings
forgot her name
changed the sky to green…

to never be seen. Again.

6 thoughts on “Fickle (outlines)

  1. Some are defined by borders, others see the shapes of things.
    Science studies of cognitions calls it field dependence or field independence. Style of perception is – and often explains everything.
    Lovely post – striking images

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