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I do not wear tshirts

but a post led me far away from where i was mentally….

and i decided to turn a corner and explore…

a world
unbeknownst to me
with cotton candy skies
and lollipop swirls
of sunshine and stars
made to twirl
in minds of gold
born of old
i entered paradise

disappearing, laughing,
riding upon
a galloping unicorn.

Smile ๐Ÿ˜Š and laugh because the world needs love โค๏ธ. And hope.

8 thoughts on “I do not wear tshirts

  1. I especially dont wear tee-shirts with slogans on. I wonder if you were directed to the same post as me yesterday which also spun me out. I did a knee jerk reaction which sits in my drafts but I didn’t act. The post hit its mark, it did get me going. I think a few of us are getting wise to these PR or ‘whatever they are’ games. I’m so pleased you found the land of unicorns and happiness. Blessed be.

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