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Norm 2.0 Thursday Doors

What news!! We are making an offer on a house today. And it is absolutely, mind-blowing gorgeous. This rock wall, which Massachusetts is infamously famous, is even more magnificent then this picture depicts. In fact, my heart barely blips on the screen when i look at this photo.

The rock is 20 feet tall and looks west towards Mount Wachusett. There is a perfect view perched atop this mighty fortress. A quick stroll down the road and this…

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        • I often wonder why we leave places we love… i could be happy any where in the world. I am happy we found home. I follow Finland blogs out of curiosity. Also a beautiful country. But I remember what someone said to me, sitting in an emergency room in Santa Fe NM, another magical place. There is ugly underneath the surface. Ugly is as prolific as beauty. Everywhere.

          • Finland is beautiful too..and US has some amazing places as well. The world is the beauty, the dream…but with the ugly side on the side (probably humans? haha).
            But again: everywhere is yin and yang; or evil and good, or beauty and ugliness..etc. ah, duality πŸ‘€

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